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1 Lecture 30 Lecture 30 Origins of Horticultural Science The origin of horticultural science derives from a con f uence of 3 events: the formation of scienti F c societies in the 17th century, the creation of agricultural and horticultural societies in the 18th century, and the establishment of state-supported agricultural research in the 19th century. Two seminal horticultural societies were involved: The Horticultural Society of London (later the Royal Horticulture Society ) founded in 1804 and the Society for Horticultural Science (later the American Society for Horticultural Science ) founded in 1903. Three horticulturists can be considered as the Fathers of Horticultural Science: Thomas Andrew Knight, John Lindley, and Liberty Hyde Bailey. Philip Miller (1691–1771) Miller was Gardener to the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries at their Botanic Garden in Chelsea and is known as the most important garden writer of the 18th century. The Gardener’s and Florist’s Diction- ary or a
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