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lec37 (dragged) 4 - Lecture 37 5 And often is his gold...

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5 Lecture 37 And often is his gold complexion dimm’d, By chance or natures’s changing course untrimm’d Sonnet 18 Marketing I cannot do’t without compters. Let me see what am I to buy for our sheep-shearing feast? Three pound of sugar, ve pound of currants, rice—what will this sister of mine do with rice?. ...She hath made me four and twenty nosegays for the shearers. ...I must have saffron to color the warden pies; made; dates, none—that’s out of my note; nutmegs, seve; a race or two of ginger, but that I may beg; four pounds of prunes, and as many of raisins o’th’sun. The Winter’s Tale, IV(3) References Works of Shakespeare The Riverside Shakespeare. 1974. Houghton Mif f in Co., Boston. (A complete authoritative edition of all of Shakespeare’s works including an extensive in- troductory essay, textural chronology and sources, stage history, documents, etc. Each play contains an introductory essay and the footnotes are extensive.) Concordances Schmidt, Alexander. 1902. Shakespeare Lexicon [and quotation dictionary].
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