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3 Lecture 38 concept of line in design involves the means by which form guides the eye. Line becomes a one-dimensional interpretation of form. Emotional signi f cance has been attributed to line, as shown in Fig. 38-2. Principles of Design The principles of design (balance, rhythm, emphasis, and harmony) apply to each of the design elements as well as to their interrelations. Thus, we speak of balanced color as well as of balanced form. The artistic applica- tion of these principles is the basis of esthetic success as measured by beauty and expressive ness. Balance implies stability. Our eye becomes ac- customed to material bal ance, and as a result we grow uneasy with objects that appear unstable or ready to topple over. This concept is carried over to arrangements in which balance applies to the illusion of equilibrium around a vertical axis. It is achieved automatically by the symmetrical placement of objects around a cen tral vertical axis. Balance is also achieved in nonsymmetrical
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