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1 Lecture 38 Esthetics of Horticulture Esthetic Values In addition to their utility, plants have esthetic value. Owing to particular qualities that collectively we call beauty, certain plants provide us with plea sure. Beauty is not a tangible quality that can be measured or weighed, it is a value judgment. A thing is beautiful when someone decides that it is. The artist is one who can make this judgment and communicate the experience. This judgment is a re f ection of cultural tradition. People of widely different heri tages will have quite different opinions about what is beautiful and what is ugly. Experiencing visual beauty depends upon our response to things sensed visually. Although a certain amount of our perception is innate, many percep tual responses are learned. To a great extent we are aware only of what we are able to interpret. For example, upon hearing a foreign language, we do not actually perceive most of the nuances of sound and in f ection until we have learned to imitate them; yet even a
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