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lec41 (dragged) 2 - Lecture 41 3 The French Formal Gardens...

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3 Lecture 41 The French Formal Gardens, 1974. Fons Sapientiae Renaissance Garden Fountains (E.B. Macdougall, ed.) 1978. John Claudius Loudon and the Early Nineteenth Century in Great Britain (E.B. Macdougall ed.) 1980. Durant, Will. 1954. Our Oriental Heritage: The Story of Civilization. Part I. Simon and Schuster, New York. (This is the f rst of the ‘Durants’ “Story of Civilization,” now with the “Age of Napoleon” in the 11th volume. This is outstanding and readable background material for ancient horticulture and agriculture.) Gothein, Marie Louise. 1913. (German edition); 1925 (Second German edition); 1928 (English edition); 1966 (Reprint of English edition). A History of Garden Art. Hacker Art Books, New York (2 volumes). (A classic book on the subject of special value to Landscape Architecture. Profusely illustrated. First published in German as Geschichte der Gartenkunst .) Henrey, B. 1975. British Botanical and Horticultural Literature Before 1800. 3 vol. Oxford Univ. Press,
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