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1 Lecture 41 Lecture 41 History of Gardens: Formalism and the Western Tradition Gardens are as old as civilization. The word, garden, derives from Anglo Saxon gyrdon which means to enclose . Gardens are rooted in the desire of humans to surround themselves with beautiful plants, shade, and unique foods. Paradise is the Persian word for garden; thus, an allusion to the concept that gardens are pleasure grounds. Egyptian gardens originated on the edge of the desert where the natural vegetation is sparse; there was no natural landscape to copy except that of the oasis so an arti f cial landscape was created. In Egypt, gardens represent the beginnings of agriculture. The garden was an arti cial oasis . Gardens were enclosed; arti f cial pools added to provide an “oasis feeling.” Plantings are ordered and planted in straight rows because of irrigation requirements and F atness of land. Irrigation canals are a common feature. Fences and walls protect plants. Plants are treated architecturally; trained on lattice structure to arti
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