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Quiz8 - Herbal 10.0 Herbal English herbalist who was an...

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1. Match the correct answer. (10 points) Statement Response Value Correct Match Concept that the medicinal qualities of herbs would be revealed by the outward appearance of the plant. Doctrine of Signatures 10.0% Doctrine of Signatures Early member of Dominican order who was influential in translating Aristotle and other ancient works into Latin including botanical works ( On Plants ) Albertus Magnus 10.0% Albertus Magnus German herbalist whose herbal De Historia stirpuim included descriptions of New World crops such as maize. Leonhart Fuchs 10.0% Leonhart Fuchs The herbal written by Dioscorides, 65 CE De Materia Medica 10.0% De Materia Medica A book about useful plants, especially medicinals.
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Unformatted text preview: Herbal 10.0% Herbal English herbalist who was an exponent of astrological botany. Nicholas Culpeper 10.0% Nicholas Culpeper An ancient Egyptian book in the form of a scroll over 60 feet long, consisting of medical prescriptions and medical information. Ebers Papyrus 10.0% Ebers Papyrus Italian author who wrote famous herbal called Commentarii. Pier Andrea Mattioli 10.0% Pier Andrea Mattioli A Roman army physician who wrote one of the most famous herbals of all time. Dioscorides 10.0% Dioscorides English herbalist whose book is the best known work in the English language. John Gerard 10.0% John Gerard Score: 10/10...
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