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Unformatted text preview: particular, is bitter and inedible, even in the mature state, and some wild species are toxic. Clearly, the key technology must have been derived from the ameliorating practice of soaking the fruits to make them less bitter. Many primitive societies such as Amerinds with cassava and Australian aborigines with Pandanas (Crib and Crib 1974), independently came to their detoxification techniques (Johns and Kubo 1988). Extraction of oil by pressing the fruit transformed olives into the most widely grown fruit crop in the ancient world. The oil was widely used in cooking and illumination; the flame produced from olive oil has a very high luminosity. Fruit crops grown for their fruit or seed oil also include oilpalm and avocado (used for soap in Brazil). Most fruits have a short life after harvest so that processing is required to have a year-round supply. The perishability of many fruits is one of the limiting factors of commercialization. In the case of the date, the high sugar content of the dried fruit permits extended storage, and dried...
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