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breeding program, and is characterized by high fresh and processing quality and resistance to splitting. Figs are consumed fresh or dried and are often processed as a paste for pastries or canned. The fruit can be fermented and distilled into alcohol. 5. Sycomore Fig. The sycomore fig ( Ficus sycomorus, Moraceae) originated in the savannas of eastern Central Africa where they grow spontaneously and reproduce by seed. The tree is easily propagated by cuttings. It was introduced to Egypt in predynastic times, before the 3 rd millennium, and became an important cultivated plant in the Early and Middle Kingdoms. Although the fruit was not considered exceptional, the tree was highly prized and held sacred, especially to Hathor, goddess of love, and representations of fruit and tree are found on bas- reliefs and commemorated in song. Fruit and leafy branches were placed in funeral offerings. The wood is decay resistant and esteemed for household utensils, construction, boxes, and coffins. The tree was introduced to the Levant, present-day Israel, Lebanon, and Syria as well as
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