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discovered (a low growing type is described by Theophrastus) and it is no coincidence that these easily-rooted dwarfing clones are called Paradise, the Persian word for garden. The apple cultivated by the Romans was transported throughout the empire and became naturalized throughout Europe, resulting in thousands of unique types. Possibly some intercrosses with the small, astringent Malus sylvestris native to northern Europe, gave rise to cider apples that are still cultivated. Interestingly, a secondary center of diversification was established in the United States in the 18 th and 19 th centuries as seed from European cider mills was imported resulting in a new cycle of selection by fruit growers ( see IV C). As a result, most of the new cultivars of apple now grown worldwide derive from American and Canadian selections. The technology of apple production led to improved methods of storage in cool areas, first underground storage, later cooling with ice and, finally, refrigeration in modern times. Special
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