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Armenia, cherry ( cerasus ) from Kerasun on the Black Sea], but it is clear that these locations were clearly way stations from Central and East Asia. The peach originated in China and will be discussed in Section III C 1. Almond. Almonds ( Prunus dulcis, Rosaceae , syn. P. amygdalus ) grow wild throughout southwest and central Asia, from Turkey and Syria into the Caucasus and into the deserts of Tian-Shan and the Hindu Kush mountains (Zohary and Spiegel-Roy 1975). Based on biblical literature, the introduction of the almond may have occurred as early 2000 BCE, and some almond remains have been found in the 18 th dynasty in Egypt (1550 BCE). It does not seem to have been widely cultivated in Egypt until Roman times. It was brought into Greece about 200 to 300 BCE and gradually reached the entire Mediterranean basin. There are two principal types: sweet and bitter. The bitter kernels are due to high levels of the glucoside amygdalin which hydrolizes to benzaldehyde and cyanide when exposed to the
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