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almost indefinitely, and is sold partially rehydrated for use as filling for pastries, and for juice. Because of its role in digestive regularity, mention of the word prune has become a source of hilarity in the United States, so much so that the California trade association has changed its name from prune to dried plum. Interspecific hybridization of plums with other Prunus with the same chromosome number are producing a number of new fruits such as plumcot (plum u apricot). C. Chinese and Southeast Asian Fruits 1. Peach. China is the origin of the peach ( Prunus persica , Rosaceae), domesticated before 3300-2500 BCE (Faust 1995). Peach culture dates to 2000 BCE and there are now thousands of cultivars in China (Wang 1985). The peach is mentioned in Chinese literature as early as 1000 BCE and became entwined in Chinese mythology and folklore. A number of forms were selected in different parts of China. In the north, the peach tree is characterized by high chilling requirements, long internodes, single flower buds, upright branching, large flat leaves, and
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