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introduced. The peach is unadapted to England and was grown as a novelty or a conservatory plant. In 1850, an introduction from China via England called ‘Chinese Cling’ (‘Shanghai’), adapted from the southern group of Chinese cultivars, was to completely change the peach industry. This introduction proved to be well adapted to warm, moist summer conditions. Open- pollinated progeny (‘Chinese Cling was pollen sterile) included ‘Belle of Georgia’ and ‘Elberta’. ‘Elberta’ is large and highly flavored, and firm enough to withstand shipping, in contrast with the naturalized North American seedlings. Descendants of this material now forms the basis of the modern United States and European peach industry (Scorza and Okie 1990). Extensive breeding activity has occurred in the United States with California breeders concentrating on rubbery-fleshed cultivars for processing and both east and west coast breeders emphasizing a succession of freestone cultivars for fresh market (Scorza and Sherman 1996). As
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