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Zealand growers had to struggle to survive. Kiwifruit is consumed out of hand in New Zealand, usually scooped with a spoon, but this technique has not caught on, and further expansion is probably linked to development of a simple method for peeling. A yellow-fleshed kiwifruit marketed as Zespri™ Gold (A. chinesis, 2 n =58, a tetraploid) was recently introduced, and the New Zealand growers are attempting to control its distribution. It is too early to know if this will succeed. A small-fruited, hardy and fuzzless species ( A. aguta , 2 n =96, 114), sometimes called tara fig, is now cultivated in gardens, but has not been commercialized. D. American Fruits 1. Strawberry. Strawberry is the most widely grown of the berry fruits, sometimes called small fruits based on plant size (Darrow 1966). Strawberries are herb-like perennial plants, but the compressed stem may become woody. The plant propagates naturally from runners or from crown divisions. Strawberry has an interesting history. Fragaria vesca , Rosaceae known as the
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