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extensive breeding in the 20 th century (Hancock et al. 1996) fruit size has been greatly increased as well as fruit firmness (too firm for some), and resistance to a number of leaf diseases. Flowering and runnering are both affected by photoperiod but adaptation has been increased with the introgression of the day-neutral character from F. virginiana . Although strawberry is widely adapted, the strawberry industry is now concentrated in California in the United States, in Spain, and in Italy. Some strawberries are now grown in greenhouses. 2. Brambles ( Rubus ). The genus Rubus, Rosaceae ( x =7) , is very diverse and many species throughout the world are harvested from the wild. The cultivated Rubus species, known collectively as brambles, includes red raspberry ( R. idaeus ), black raspberry ( R. occidentalis ) both diploids, 2 n =14, and polyploid blackberries (many species of Rubus) and, now, many interspecific hybrids between raspberry and blackberry, such as loganberry, and tayberry
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