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The pineapple has changed little from that era except that genetic variability has been greatly reduced. There are about 6 cultivar groups (Spanish, Cayenne, Queen, Pernambuco, and Maiopure), but only two ‘Cayenne’ and ‘Queen’ were commercially important for most of the 20 th century despite the fact that the pineapple became associated with a tremendous processing industry. The ‘Cayenne’ cultivar has been the mainstay of the processing industry because of its robust, large, romboid fruit, which produces many slices, the most valued product. Despite a number of industry-sponsored breeding programs, it has not really been displaced. Continual selection of somatic mutants, especially for less spiny types (‘Smooth Cayenne’), and for improved fruit shape and quality. ‘Cayenne’ is not highly valued for fresh fruit, but recently a new cultivar, derived from sexual hybridization at the Pineapple Research Institute, now defunct, has become very popular for fresh fruit and is being marketed as ‘Del Monte Gold’. 5. Avocado
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