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Unformatted text preview: work has continued but even after 100 years, the selections made very early still dominate the industry. In both cranberry and kiwifruit, related species are under consideration as potential new crops. In kiwifruit, the related yellow-fleshed Actinidia chinensis has been introduced, and the small-fruited, hardy A. arguta (also known as tara fig) is under consideration as a new domesticate and now widely planted in northern home gardens. In the vacciniums, two related crops—blueberry (especially lowbush types in Maine) and lingonberry—were also widely appreciated and harvested from the wild, but with remarkably different outcomes. Blueberry had more promise as a commercial fruit than did cranberry or lingonberry because the fruit could be consumed fresh as well as processed and there was greater diversity in a number of species. While the domesticates of cranberry and kiwifruit are little changed from their wild forms, the blueberry has undergone remarkable transformation due to interspecific hybridization and ploidy...
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