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Selection for fruit quality, based on flavor, color, and shelf life, is the goal of modern fruit breeding programs. Selection is nowhere more important than in pineapple where the processing industry was long based on a single cultivar. ‘Cayenne’ and its spineless sport (‘Smooth Cayenne’) that was uniquely adapted to producing canned slices. A sweeter, yellow fleshed seedling produced from hybridization is now being marketed as ‘DelMonte Gold’ and is transforming the world fresh fruit industry because of better fresh fruit quality and appearance. D. Champions The decisive contribution to domestication made by individuals is unknown in most fruit crops and these great horticulturists are largely unremembered and unsung. However, in a few cases of recent domestication, key persons have been identified. These champions are essential to the domestication process. In the case of the kiwifruit this includes the great plant hunter E.F. Wilson, who introduced the fruit to Britain; a missionary, Katie Frazier, who imported seed to
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