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Hartmann, H.T., D.E. Kester, F.T. Davies, Jr., and R.L. Geneve. 1997. Plant propagation: Principles and practices, 6 th ed. Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ. Hedrick, U.P. 1921. The pears of New York. J.B. Lyon Co. Albany, NY. Hjalmarsson, I. and R. Ortiz. 2001. Lingonberry: Botany and horticulture. Hort. Rev. 27:79-123. Janick, J., J.N. Cummins, S.K. Brown, and M. Hemmat. 1996. Apples. p. 1-77. In: J. Janick and J.N. Moore (eds.), Fruit breeding. Vol. 1. Wiley, New York. Janick, J. 2002a. Ancient Egyptian agriculture and the origins of horticulture. Acta Hort. 582:23- 39. Janick, J. 2002b. History of the PRI apple breeding program. p. 55-59. Acta Hort. 595:55-59. Jashemski, W.F. 1979. The gardens of Pompeii: Herculaneum and the villas destroyed by Vesuvius. Caratzas Brothers, Tube. New Rochelle, New York. Jennings, D.L. 1995. Raspberries and blackberries: Rubus (Rosaceae). p. 429-434. In: J. Smartt and N.W. Simmonds (eds.), Evolution of crop plants. 2 nd ed. Longman Scientific &
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