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reading%204-3 (dragged) 54 - Yonemori K A Sugiura and M...

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Watkins, R. 1995. Cherry, plum, peach, apricot and almond: Prunus spp. (Rosaceae). p. 423-429. In: Smartt J. and N.W. Simmonds (eds.), Evolution of crop plants. 2 nd ed. Longman Scientific & Technical, Essex, England. Way, R.D., H.S. Alwinckle, R.C. Lamb, A. Rejman, S. Sansavini, T. Shen, R. Watkins, M.N. Westwood, and Y. Yoshida. 1990. Apples ( Malus ). Acta Hort. 290:3–62.
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Unformatted text preview: Yonemori, K., A. Sugiura, and M. Yamada. 2000. Persimmon genetics and breeding. Plant Breed. Rev. 19:191-225. Zohary, D. 2002. The place of origin and the nature of dioecy in the carob ( Ceratonia siliqua L.). Nucis Newsl. 11(Dec):38–40. Zohary, D. and P. Spiegel-Roy. 1975. Beginning of fruit growing in the Old World. Science. 187:319-327. 54...
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