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Table 2. Origin and changes associated with domestication of various fruit crops. Fruit crop Species (Chromosome no.) Family Origin Reproduction of wild species Changes associated with domestication Mediterranean Fruits Date palm Phoenix dactilifera x =18, 2n =36 Arecaceae S. Mediterranean basin Dioecious Offshoot production, increased fruit size Fig–common Ficus carica x =13 , 2n =26 Moraceae E. Mediterranean basin Gynodioecious Parthenocarpy Fig–sycomore Ficus sycomorus Moraceae East Monoecious Parthenocarpy Grape Vitis vinifera x =19, 2 n =38 Vitaceae W. Asia Dioecious Hermaphroditic, increased berry size, parthenocarpy Olive Olea europea x =23, 2 n =46 Oleaceae Mediterranean basin Andromonecious Increased fruit size, high oil Pomegranate Punica granatum Punicaceae W. Asia Hermaphroditic Increased fruit size, sweetness Asian & European Fruits Pome Fruits Apple Malus u domestica x =17 , 2 n =34, 51 Rosaceae Central Asia Hermaphroditic, self-incompatible Combination of size aroma, loss of astringency, sweetness,
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