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Vine Fruit Kiwifruit Actinidia delicious x =29 , 2 n =174 A, sinensis x =29 , 2 n =58 Actinidiaceae China Dioecious Unchanged Subtropical & Tropical Fruits Citrus (orange, mandarin, lemon, lime, pumello, grapefruit) Citrus spp. x =9 , 2 n =18 Rutaceae Southeast Asia, China Hermaphroditic Nucellar embryony, interspecific hybridization, parthenocarpy Mango Mangifera indica x =20 , 2 n =40 Anacardiaceae E. Asia Hermaphroditic Nucellar embryony, loss of fibers in fruit Persimmon Asian Diospyros kaki x =15 , 2 n =90 Ebenaceae China Polygamo- dioecious Loss of astringency, parthenocarpy American Fruits Berry Fruits Strawberry Fragaria u ananassa x =7 , 2 n =56 Other spp. 2 n =14, 28 Rosaceae Americas Dioecism Hermaphroditic, interspecific hybridization Raspberry Rubus idaeus (red) R. occidentalis x =7 , 2 n =14 Rosaceae Europe, America Hermaphroditic Interspecific hybridization, polyploidy Blackberry Rubus
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Unformatted text preview: spp. x =7 , 2 n =28,35,42,56,84 Rosaceae N. America Hermaphroditic Interspecific hybridization, polyploidy, thornlessness Blueberry Vaccinium spp. Ericaceae N. America Hermaphroditic Increased fruit size, interspecific hybridization, polyploidy Cranberry Vaccinium macroacarpon Ericaceae E. United States Hermaphroditic Unchanged Lingonberry Vaccinium vitis-idaea Ericaceae Circumboreal Hermaphroditic Unchanged Subtropical & Tropicals Fruits Avocado Persea americana x =12 , 2 n =24 Lauraceae Tropical America Hermaphroditic, synchronous protogynous dicogamy High oil, smaller seed size Papaya Carica papaya x =9 , 2 n =18 Euphorbiacea Tropical America Dioecious Polygamo-dioecious, reduced fruit size Pineapple Ananas comosus x =25 , 2 n =50 Bromeliaceae Tropical America Hermaphroditic Parthenocarpy, seedlessness 57...
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