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Unformatted text preview: 2 Reading 2-1 If they noticed anything at all, they misinterpreted what they saw, writing off the bandeaux, for ex- ample, as tattoos or body art.” Scrutinizing the famed Venus of Willendorf, for example, which was discovered in lower Austria in 1908, the researchers paid particular attention to the statuette’s head. The Venus has no face to speak of, but detailed coils surround its scalp. Most scholars have interpreted the coils as a kind of paleo-coiffure, but Dr. Adovasio, an authority on textiles and basketry, recognized the plaiting as what he called a “radially sewn piece of headgear with vertical stem stitches.” Willendorf’s haberdashery “might have looked like one of those woven hats you see on Jamaicans on the streets of New York,” he said, adding, “These were cool things.” On the Venus of Lespugue, an approximately 25,000-year-old f gurine from southwestern France, the anthropologists noticed a “remarkable” degree of detail lavished on the rendering of a string skirt, with...
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