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4 Reading 2-1 “The vast bulk of what humans made was made in media that hasn’t survived,” Dr. Adovasio said. Experts estimate the ratio of perishable objects to durable objects generated in the average culture is about 20 to 1. “We’re reconstructing the past based on 5 percent of what was used,” Dr. Soffer said. Because many of the items that have endured over the millennia are things like arrowheads and spear points, archaeologists studying the Paleolithic era have generally focused on the ways and means of that noble savage, a k a Man the Hunter, to the exclusion of other members of the tribe. “To this day, in Paleolithic studies we hear about Man the Hunter doing such bloody wonderful things as thrusting spears into woolly mammoths, or battling it out with other men,” Dr. Adovasio said. “We’ve emphasized the activities of a small segment of the population—healthy young men—at the total absence of females, old people of either sex and children. We’ve glori f
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