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Unformatted text preview: 1 Reading 2-1 READING 2-1 Sources: December 14, 1999, New York Times Furs for Evening, but Cloth Was the Stone Age Standby Natalie Angier Ah, the poor Stone Age woman of our kitschy imagination. When she isn’t getting bonked over the head with a club and dragged across the cave f oor by her matted hair, she’s hunched over a F re, poking at a roasting mammoth thigh while her husband retreats to his cave studio to immortalize the mammoth hunt in fresco. Or she’s Raquel Welch, saber-toothed sex kitten, or Wilma Flintstone, the original soccer mom. But whatever her form, her garb is the same: some sort of animal pelt, cut nasty, brutish and short. Now, according to three anthropologists, it is time to toss such hidebound clichés of Paleolithic woman on the midden heap of prehistory. In a new analysis of the renowned “Venus” F gurines, the hand-size statuettes of female bodies carved from 27,000 to 20,000 years ago, the researchers have found evidence that the women of the so-called upper...
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