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2 Reading 3-1 the bark and leaves of trees, or with the skins of animals. Some even went unclothed. And as for women, they possessed none who were recognized as their very own. Seeing the condition they were in, our father the Sun was ashamed for them, and he decided to send one of his sons and one of his daughters from heaven to earth, in order that they might teach men to adore him and acknowledge him as their god; to obey his laws and precepts as every reasonable creature must do; to build houses and assemble together in villages; to till the soil, sow the seed, raise animals, and enjoy the fruits of their labors like human beings. The Inca king and queen arrived from heaven and were given a sign by which they would know where to establish a capital city. The place was located (Cuzco) and they set out to teach the savages “how to live, how to clothe and feed themselves like men, instead of like animals”. The epic continues (from Garcilaso de la Vega, 1961 edition): While peopling the city, our Inca taught the male Indians the tasks that were to be theirs,
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