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5 Reading 3-1 for sacri fi ce, divination by examining the entrails, or cock fi ghting. Chickens are thought to have been domesticated from the jungle fowl of southern and southeastern Asia. The art of divination from sacri fi ced birds seems to have spread with chicken raising at least into the Mediterranean area and was practiced by the ancient Greeks. The practice of rearing for sacri fi ce but not eating fl esh or eggs has also been found in parts of the Americas and has led Sauer (1952), Carter (1971), and others to postulate early trans-Paci fi c contacts between the hemispheres. Sheep, goats, pigs, and pigeons were sacri fi ced in the ancient world of classical times and it has been suggested that these also may have been domesticated to have a supply of sacri fi cial animals. From the above examples of legends and myths and from other clues, it seems at least plausible that animals may have been used in ritual killings as a substitute for humans. Human sacri fi ce and ritual killing may have been very ancient customs.
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