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1 Apple – Pyrus Malus , Linnaeus The apple tree grows wild throughout Europe (excepting in the extreme north), in Anatolia, the south of the Caucasus, and the Persian province of Ghilan. 1 Near Trebizond, the botanist Bourgeau saw quite a small forest of them. 2 In the mountains of the north-west of India it is “apparently wild,” as Sir Joseph Hooker writes in his Flora of British India. No author mentions it as growing in Siberia, in Mongolia, or in Japan. 3 There are two varieties wild in Germany, the one with glabrous leaves and ovaries, the other with leaves downy on the under side, and Koch adds that this down varies considerably. 4 In France accurate authors also give two wild varieties, but with characters which do not tally exactly with those of the German f ora. 5 It would be easy to account for this difference if the wild trees in certain districts spring from cultivated varieties whose seeds have been accidentally dispersed. The question is, therefore, to discover to what
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