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2 Reading 4-2 at it, a clear proof that they had not known it in Europe. Hernandez, 9 who left Europe in 1571, according to some authorities, in 1593 according to others, 10 did not know that from the year 1500 maize had been sent to Seville for cultivation. This fact, attested by Fée, who has seen the municipal records, 11 clearly shows the American origin, which caused Hernandez to think the name of Turkish wheat a very bad one. It may perhaps be urged that maize, new to Europe in the sixteenth century, existed in some parts of Asia or Africa before the discovery of America. Let us see what truth there may be in this. The famous orientalist D’Herbelot 12 had accumulated several errors pointed out by Bonafous and by me, on the subject of a passage in the Persian historian Mirkoud of the f fteenth century, about a cereal which Rous, son of Japhet, sowed upon the shores of the Caspian Sea, and which he takes to be the Indian corn of our day. It is hardly worth considering these assertions of a scholar to whom it had never occurred to consult the works of the botanists of his own day, or earlier. What is more important is the total silence
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