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3 Reading 4-2 the maize. It is clear that it represents the plant. Dr. Hance 19 appears to have based his arguments upon the researches of Mayers, who says that early Chinese authors assert that maize was imported from Sifan (Lower Mongolia, to the west of China) long before the end of the f fteenth century, at an unknown date. The article contains a copy of the drawing in the Pên-tsao-kung-mu , to which be assigns the date 1597. The importation through Mongolia is improbable to such a degree that it is hardly worth speaking of it, and as for the principal assertion of the Chinese author, the dates are uncertain and late. The work was f nished in 1578 according to Bonafous, in 1597 according to Mayers. If this be true, and especially if the second of these dates is the true one, it may be admitted that maize was brought to China after the discovery of America. The Portuguese came to Java in 1496, 20 that is to say four years after the discovery of America, and to China in 1516. 21 Magellan’s voyage from South America to the Philippine Islands took place in 1520. During the
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