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171 READING 6-1 W. Durant. 1954. Our oriental heritage. Chapt. 8. The Story of Civilization. Simon and Schuster, New York. p. 156–157. The Civilization of Egypt Agriculture Behind these kings and queens were pawns; behind these temples, palaces and pyramids were the work- ers of the cities and peasants of the f elds. [The population of Egypt in the fourth century before Christ is estimated at some 7,000,000 souls.] Herodotus describes them optimistically as he found them about 450 BCE. They gather in the fruits of the earth with less labor than any other people,. ..for they have not the toil of breaking up the furrow with the plough, nor of hoeing, nor of any other work which all other men must labor at to obtain a crop of corn; but when the river has come of its own accord and irrigated their elds, and having irrigated them has subsided, then each man sows his own land and turns his swine into it; and when the seed has been trodden into it by the swine he waits for harvest time; then. ..he gathers in it.
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