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3 Reading 9-1 And the water rushes out as a rising f ood, Making everything into a swamp, I, the Hoe, dam it in, So that neither southern nor northern storm can blow it away. The fowler samples eggs; The F sherman catches F sh; And they all empty bird-traps Thus is wealth spread everywhere by my doing. Moreover, after the water is drained from the meadows And the work in the moist earth is to be taken in hand, O Hoe, I come out to the F eld—I start that before you! The opening up of the F eld—I start that before you! The sides and the bottom of the dyke I clean for you! The weeds in the F eld I heap up for you! Stumps and roots I heap up for you! Only then you work the F eld, you have your go! Your oxen are six, your people four—you yourself are merely the eleventh! The side-boards take away the F eld. And you want to compare yourself with me? When you F nally come down to the F eld after me, Your single furrow already gladdens your eye! When you F nally put your head to the task, Your tongue gets caught by brambles and thorns.
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Unformatted text preview: Your tooth breaks, and your tooth is renewed; You will not keep it for long. Your plowman calls you This Plow is broken again! And , again, carpenters have to be hired, people. .. The whole chapter of workers is milling around you. The harness-makers scrape another green hide for you, Twisting it with pegs for you. Without stopping they turn the tourniquet for you, And F nally a foul hide is put upon year head. Your work is slight, though your ways are great! My turn of duty is twelve months; The time you are idle is eight months; So you are absent twice as long as you are present! And then, on the boat you make a hut; When you are put aboard, your hands sever the boards So that your face has to be pulled out of the water like a wine-jar. And only after I have make a pile of logs Can my smoke and F re dry you out! Your seeding-funnelwhat is then its importance? Your important ones are thrown upon a pile As implements to be destroyed....
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