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4 Reading 9-1 But I, I am the Hoe, and live in your city! No one is more honored than I am. I am but a servant following his master; I am but the one who builds the house for his king; I am but the one who broadens the stalls, who expands the sheepfolds! I press clay, I make bricks; I lay foundations, I build houses; I strengthen the base of an old wall; I repair the roof of the honest man; I, I am Hoe, I lay out the streets! When I have thus gone through the city and built its solid walls, And have made appear the temples of the great gods therein, Embellished them with red, yellow and streaked wash, I go to construct the royal dwelling in the city, Where overseers and captains dwell. When the weakened clay has been built up, the fragile clay buttressed, They can rest because of me in a cool, well-built dwelling. And when the f re-side makes the hoe gleam, and they lie on their side, You are not to go to their feast! They eat and drink;
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