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5 Reading 9-1 And you, Plow, think to insult me (by saying) ‘Go, dig a hole!?’ On the plains, where no moisture is found, When I have dug up the sweet water, The thirsty ones come back to life at the side of my wells! And what then says the one to the other? What do they tell one another? ’The shepherd’s hoe is surely set up as an ornament on the plains! For when An had ordered his punishment, And the bitterness had been ordained over Sumer, And the waters of the well-built house had collected in the swamp, And Enlil had frowned upon the Land, Even the shepherd’s crook of Enlil had been make felt, When great Enlil had acted thus, Enlil did not restrain his hand. Then the Hoe, with its single tooth, struck the dry earth! As for us, the winter’s cold, as the locust swarm, you lift! The heavy hand of summer as of winter you take away. O Hoe, you binder, you bind the sheaf!
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Unformatted text preview: O bird-trap, you binder, you bind the reed-basket! The lone workman, even the destitute, is provided for; The grains. .. are spread.” Then the Storm spoke a word “The millstone lies still, while the pestle pounds! From side-plate and foot-plate good results may be had! Why should the sieve quarrel with the strainer? Why make another angry? Ashnan, can a single one reap your neck? Ripe grain, why should you compare?” Then Enlil spoke to the Hoe “O hoe, do not be so angry! Do not cry out so loud! Of the Hoe, is not Nisaba its overseer, its captain? Hoe, whether f ve or ten shekel make your price, Or whether one-third or one half mina, Like a maid-servant, always ready, you will ful f ll your task!” Dispute of the Hoe and the Plow. Because the Hoe was greater than the Plow, Praise be to Nisaba....
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