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1 READING 9-1 Source: Hallo, W.H. 2002. The Context of Scripture: Monumental Inscriptions from the Biblical World, Vol. I. The Disputation Between the Hoe and the Plow H.L.J. Vanstiphout This piece in undoubtedly the f nest example of the genre. It has long been recognized as one of the f rst poetic, if heavily rhetorical, statements of the case of the common man against the rich and mighty. But its most striking qualities are the sheer excellence of the argumentation (plow is deftly hoist with its own petard), the heavy satire on the pretences of the mighty, the earthy but clever humor, and most of all the irreverent but highly effective “reworking” of the format: the traditional cosmogonic introduction is turned into a story the workmen tell at night, when resting and drinking! It is to be regretted that we still have no adequate edition. The present translation is based upon all published texts and some quotes from secondary literature.
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