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Reading10-2 (dragged) 2 - In Israel flowering and fruiting...

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180 ECONOMIC BOTANY Fig. 2. Bas-relief showing a sycomore tree with gashed fruit. Found at Thebes, Egypt. Ac- cording to Laurent-T~ickholm, 1964 (courtesy of Natur och Kultur, Stockholm). described briefly, as far as necessary for an understanding of the main aspects of the gashing technique. For further detail, the reader is referred to the paper of Galil and Eisikowiteh (8).
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Unformatted text preview: In Israel, flowering and fruiting of the sycomore occur during the hot summer months. Up to six crops may be produced in one year by a single tree. The figs are found occasionally on trees even during winter Fig. 3. Gashed sycomore fruit from Egypt. Collection of Schweinfurth. Museum of Natural Sciences, Dahlem, Berlin (courtesy of the management of the Museum)....
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