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182 ECONOMIC BOTANY 'YCOPNA 6A SYCOMORI r~ Fig. 6. Sycomore wasp, Sycophaga sycomori. months, but their number is usually small, and development very slow. The figs develop in special panicles on the trunk and nmin branches (Fig. 4). As in all Ficus species, the inflorescence of the sycomore--i.e., the fig or syconium-- is a hollow receptacle bearing the flowers on its inner surface and closed from the outside by several scales (Fig. 5). The sycomore is monoecious, each fig containing both female and male flowers. The former are numerous and cover most of the inner surface, while the latter number 20 to 30 and are situated at the upper part of the fig.', elose to the entrance scales. The fenmle flowers eonsist of a few perianth scales and a central pistil; the male flowers, of two stamens within the
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