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Reading10-2 (dragged) 5 - G ALIL T ECHNIQUE F OR R IPENING...

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GALIL: TECHNIQUE FOR RIPENING SYCOMORE FRUIT 183 generation develops within tim ovaries of the female flowers. The grown mah's mostly do not leave their figs. ~he life cycle. The dew'lopmental phases of the figs are as follows (Fig. 5) : Phase A (Pre-fenmle). The fig appears as a small bud in the axil of a scale on the panicle. At first it is enveloped in several basal bracts. The entrance scales are ad- pressed. Phase B (Female). The fig overgrows the basal bracts, and, when it reaches about 10-12ram in dialneter, the female flowers mature. The receptacle is still green and hard. The entrance scales loosen slightly to admit a few female sycomore wasps that have emerged from the older figs (at Phase D). These wasps oviposit into the ovaries of the female flowers through the stigmata and the styles. They are not the effective pollina- tors of the syeomore and 6o not cause any seed setting. Due to their excessively long ovipositor, these wasps may occupy most of the ovaries of the fig; however, even when many ovaries renmin unoccupied, no seeds are formed. In the occupied ovaries, a new
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