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Reading10-2 (dragged) 9 - 186 ECONO~m ~O~A~Y F ig 9 E ffect...

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186 ECONO~m ~O~A~Y Fig. 9. Effect of gashing on ripening of sycomore figs. 1--Phase B fig, be- fore gashing; 2--immediately after gashing; 3--ripe induced-parthenocarpic fruit, after four days. colored, but upon ripening, it contains many wasps and is not edible. 2. The short course: The figs swell rapidly at Phase B. Male flowers are still at a very early stage--small buds enclosed within perianth scales. The vegetative- partbenocarpic fruit eventually produced is smaller than in tim lengthy course, but quite edible and much more tasty. Until recently, this fruit was collected in large quantities on the coastal plain of Israel and even marketed or dried for later use. Gashing of figs in Cyprus. Since sycomore varieties growing in Israel are fully par- thenocarpic and produce edible fruit without the help of man, the technique of fig-gashing is not practiced. The variety growing in the vicinity of Limassol, Cyprus, however, is quite different in that it may produce stimu- lative parthenocarpie but not vegetative par= thenocarpie fruit. Figs at pha~e B which
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