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GALIL: TECHNIQUE FOl~ RIPENING SYCO:bIORE FRUIT 187 Fig. 10. :Ripe induced-parthenocarpic fruit on the tree in Limassol (Cyprus). but require external inducement, they should be eonsidered as induced or artificiM rather than vegetative-parthenoearpie (Fig. 7). Gashing of figs in Bgypt. Information on Egyptian fig varieties is not detailed enough, yet a fairly clear picture can be obtained, chiefly from the studies of Brown and Walsingham (1). It seems evident that the main features of these figs are essentially the same as those of the Israeli and Limassol varieties (Fig. 8). In the Egyptian plants, there is no vegeta- rive parthenocarpy. On the other hand, inva- sion by sycomore wasps is much gi'eater than in the coastal plants of Israel. The untreated inhabited figs follow the long de- velopmental course and become ripe but inedible fruit, full of insects. According to ttenslow (12), there are three main crops of figs, but the farmers gash the fruit of the first two only (in August-September) ; when
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