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Reading10-2 (dragged) 12 - G ALIL T ECHNIQUE F OR R IPENING...

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GALIL : TECHNIQUE FOR RIPENING SYCOMORE FRUIT "[.89 1. In bagged panicles, the gashing of a single fig was enough to cause ripening of all the rest. 2. The presence of even one detached and gashed fig within the bag sufficed to induce ripening of all figs. 3. Spraying with dilute solutions of syn- thetic phytohormones (such as 2.4.D, P.C.P.A.) induced ripening in both bagged and unbagged figs. 4. The introduction of a sprayed fig into the bag caused ripening of all figs within. 5. Ripening of untreated figs was effected by the introduction of ethylene gas into the bag. 6. Tests for presence of ethylene con- firmed the production of this gas by gashed figs. The above data sbow clearly tbat ethylene plays an integral part in the ripening proc- ess and that figs at Phase B, although merely young female inflorescences still far from the normal ripening stage, are already very sensi.tive to this gas. Ripening of the treated figs is thus shown to result from the increased ethylene produc- tion brought about by gashing. In other
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