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190 ECONOMIC BOTANY 3. Burg, S. P. 1964. Studies on the formation and function of ethylene gas in plant tissues. Colloques Internationaux du Cen- tre National de la Croissance Vegetale 123: 719-725. 4. Carmin, J., and D. Seheinkin. 1931. The fauna of Palestinian plants. 2. Ficus sycomorus Linn. Bull. Soc. Entom. Egypt 15(5): 164-187. 5. Condit, T. J. 1947. The fig. Chronica Botanica, Waltham, Mass., U.S.A. 6. Galil, J. 1966. The sycomore tree in the civilization of the Ne.~r East (Hebrew). Teva VeAretz 8: 306-318, 338-355. 7. Galil, J. 1967. Sycomore wasps from an- cient Egyptian tombs. Israel J. Ent. 2: 1-10. 8. Galil, J., and D. Eisikowitch. 1968. On the pollination ecology of Fic~ls sycomor~s in East Africa. Ecology (in press). 9. Grandi, G. 1917. Contributa alla conoscenza degli Agaonini (Hymelmptera Chalcidi- dae) dell' Eritrea e dell' Uganda. Bull. Soc. Ent. Ital. 48: 3-42. 10. Hall, W. C., and P. W. Morgan. 1964. Auxin ethylene interrelationships. Col- loques Iuternationaux du Centre Na- tional de la Recherche Scientifique: Reg- ulateurs Naturels de la Croissance Vege- tale 123: 727-745. ll. Henslow, C. 1892. Egyptian figs. Nature 47: 102.
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