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Reading 17-1 8 the picture. The cheap drove out the good. Romantics still long for the identi f cation of the true silphion as true believers search for the holy grail. It would appear that Ferula tingitana , which reportedly grows in the region, is the closest relative. Perhaps the answer requires a more extensive exploration of North Africa, as P. Ascherson suggested in the last century. I eagerly await a botanist-explorer with a classical bent and a taste for the unusual, who, guided by the images of antiquity, will search among the 130 odd species of Ferula for the de f nitive word on the silphion of Cyrene and hopefully restore it to our gardens. In the meantime, I remain in search of silphion. An Introduction to the Cuisine of Antiquity For the brave and adventurous cook who will not mind experimenting with the taste of another era, I suggest the following recipes for a f rst acquaintance with the palate of antiquity. They are of the type that made an ordinary unpretentious Greek or Roman meal. All involve silphion or asafoetida.
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