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2 Reading 19-1 mentioned earlier is also reasonable, that the lesser plants too have several modes of generation, in so far as it is easier to generate less perfect plants than the rest, and a smaller starting-point is needed. The characters, then, and the causes of the modes of generation from the parts are to be studied from this discussion. Indeed if anything has been omitted, it is not dif f cult to supply it and perceive the explana- tion. Spontaneous Generation Cases of spontaneous generation occur in. the smaller plants (broadly speaking), especially in annuals and herbaceous plants. They nevertheless sometimes also occur in larger plants, either after spells of rain or when some other special condition has arisen in the air and the ground. For it is thus that silphium is said to have come up in Libya, when there had been a fall of rain described as “ pitch-like “ and thick, and the forest now existing there is said to have come from another such cause, not having existed before. Rainy spells not only bring about certain cases of decomposition and alteration, the water penetrating
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