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3 Reading 19-1 the earth is thoroughly warmed and the accumulated mixture is qualitatively altered by the sun, which is what we observe when animals are spontaneously formed. Propagation in Another Tree: Grafting It remains to discuss the cases where propagation occurs in other trees, namely in twig and bud-grafts. What we have to say is simple and has (so to speak) been said already. since the twig uses the stock as a cutting uses the earth. So bud-grafting too is a kind of planting, and not a mere juxtaposition; here however it is evident that what produces both the sprout and the fruit is the generative f uid the bud possesses this when it is F tted into the stock, and getting its food from the latter produces its own type of sprout. All grafts grow rapidly because their food has already been worked up; and this applies still more to the bud-grafts, for their food is the purest and just as it is already in the fruits that are continuous with the stock. Like always coalesces readily with like, and the bud is as it were of the same variety. It is also reasonable that grafts should best take hold when scion and stock have the same bark, for the
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