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2 Reading 19-2 XLV. Cut olive slips for planting in trenches three feet long, and when you chop or cut them off, handle them carefully so as not to bruise the bark. Those which you intend to plant in the nursery should be cut one foot long, and planted in the following way: The bed should be turned with the trenching spade until the soil is f nely divided and soft. When you set the slip, press it in the ground with the foot; and if it does not go deep enough, drive it in with a mallet or maul, but be careful not to break the bark in so doing. Do not f rst make a hole with a stick, in which to set out the slip. It will thrive better if you plant it so that it stands as it did on the tree. The slips are ready for transplanting at three years, when the bark turns. If you plant in trenches or furrows, plant in groups of three, and spread them apart. Do not let them project more than four f nger-widths above the ground; or you may plant the eyes. LI.
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