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1 Reading 19-2 READING 19-2 Source: Cato, (M.P.) On Agriculture. 1934 Harvard University Press, Cambridge. (W.D. Hooper, transla- tor). Cato On Acquiring Farms I. When you are thinking of acquiring a farm, keep in mind these points: that you be not overeager in buying nor spare your pains in examining, and that you consider it not suf f cient to go over it once. How- ever often you go, a good piece of land will please you more at each visit. Notice how the neighbours keep up their places; if the district is good, they should be well kept. Go in and keep your eyes open, so that you may be able to f nd your way out. It should have a good climate, not subject to storms; the soil should be good, and naturally strong. If possible, it should lie at the foot of a mountain and face south; the situ- ation should be healthful, there should be a good supply of labourers, it should be well watered, and near it there should be a F ourishing town, or the sea, or a navigable stream, or a good and much travelled road. It should lie among those farms which do not often change owners; where those who have sold farms are
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