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Unformatted text preview: 1 Reading 19-3 READING 19-3 Source: Varro, (M.I.) On Agriculture. 1934. Harvard University Press, Cambridge. (W.D. Hooper, trans- lator). Varro Introduction I. Had I Possessed the leisure, Fundania, I should write in a more serviceable form what now I must set forth as I can, re f ecting that I must hasten; for if man is a bubble, as the proverb has it, all the more so is an old man. For my 80th year admonishes me to gather up my pack before I set forth from life. Wherefore, since you have bought an estate and wish to make it pro F table by good cultivation, and ask that I concern myself with the matter, I will make the attempt; and in such wise as to advise you with regard to the proper practice not only while I live but even after my death. And I cannot allow the Sibyl to have uttered prophecies which bene F ted mankind not only while she lived, but even after she had passed away, and that too people whom she never knew—for so many years later we are wont of F cially to consult her books when we desire to know what we should do after some portent—and not do something, even while I am alive, to help my...
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