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2 Reading 19-4 rather they pick out the very worst section of their lands, as though such ground alone were particularly fi t for this plant because incapable of producing anything else. Either they do not understand even the method of setting them or else they fail to put it into practice when they do understand it. Then too, they seldom have the dowry 14 that is, the equipment—in readiness for their vineyards; though this, if neglected, uses up many days of toil and puts a constant drain on the coffers of the proprietor. Most people, in fact, strive for the richest possible yield at the earliest moment; they make no provision for the time to come, but, as if liv- ing merely from day to day, they put such demands upon their vines and load them so heavily with young shoots as to show no regard for succeeding generations. After committing all these acts, or at any rate most of them, they would rather do anything at all than admit their own guilt; and they complain that their vine- yards do not yield them a return—vineyards which they themselves have ruined through greed, or ignorance, or neglect. But if any who combine painstaking care with scienti fi
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