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Reading19-4 (dragged) 2

Reading19-4 (dragged) 2 - Reading 19-4 3 named above as the...

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3 Reading 19-4 named above as the cost of planting one iugerum of vines, and yet our own management has now progressed to the point where husbandmen are not averse to purchasing quicksets from me at a price of 600 sesterces a thousand. But anyone else will hardly go beyond the above-named fi gure; for no one will readily take our word for it that there is such a quantity of wine upon our small pieces of ground as you, Silvinus, know to be the case. For that reason I have quoted the average and customary price of quicksets, so that those who, through want of knowledge, avoid this branch of husbandry, may be brought over more quickly to my opin- ion with no dissenting vote. Therefore either the revenue from ground prepared for planting or the hope of vintages to come should encourage us in the planting of vines. And now that we have shown that it is con- sistent with good business to plant them, we shall offer directions for putting them in order. IV. One who has it at heart to make plantations of vines should guard especially against the willingness to entrust them to another’s care in preference to his own; and he should not buy quicksets. But he should
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